Working in the Community

Primary Care is widely seen as the heart of the NHS and is often the first port of call for people accessing support to address their health, wellbeing, emotional and social care and support. Juxtaposed against this is that Primary Care faces many challenges associated with a rising complexity of workload.

The project is seeking to examine some of the challenges faced by community care in relation to improving patient care, and seeks to employ a range of evidence based, nationally recommended approaches, but also to design and implement new approaches to ultimately:
Address the wider needs of people in terms of maximising opportunities for:
– health and social care accessibility
– self-care and management
– patient experience
– promoting and improving general health and wellbeing, both at local level and within the wider community

The project also works with:

  • the Primary Schools in Padiham
  • Pennine Lancashire Community Farms
  • East Lancs Hospital Trust
  • Individuals in the Community
  • The GP practices in the community