The Green Dreams Project CIC is currently working in partnership with Padiham Medical Practice, an NHS GP Practice in the heart of Padiham which serves over 13,000 patients from the Padiham and surrounding areas.

Primary Care is widely seen as the heart of the NHS (NHS England, Releasing Capacity in General Practice) and is often the first port of call for patients accessing support to address their health, wellbeing, emotional and social care and support. Juxtaposed against this is that General Practice widely faces many challenges associated with a rising volume and complexity of workload.

The partnership is seeking to examine some of the challenges faced by the Practice (and other practices nationally) in relation to increasing practice capacity / workload and will seek to employ a range of evidence based, nationally recommended and innovative approaches to ultimately:
– increase practice capacity
– address the wider needs of patients in terms of maximising opportunities for
– health and social care accessibility
– self-care and management
– patient experience
– promoting and improving general health and wellbeing, both at Practice level and within the wider community

The partnership also aims:

To undertake research and examine local and national non-clinical best practice / innovation in General Practice and identify those which could ultimately improve the Practice and patient outcomes and promote health and wellbeing more widely in the local community

To identify existing areas of innovation within the practice and promote this and its effects, along with the Practice more generally, with national bodies, commissioners, local primary care, patients and the wider local community

To lead the development and implementation of a range of a range of innovative, research based or nationally recommended mechanisms to:
– increase practice capacity
– enhance patient experience
– increase accessibility to health information, support, advice, the Practice and its services
– maximise opportunities to promote general health, self-management and care
– improve access patient wellbeing support and information
– increase access to community and social care based support

Through local community mapping, identify gaps in community provision which could support the promotion of health and wellbeing in the community and build community assets and resilience

To develop an appropriate volunteer framework within the Practice to maximise the use of volunteers to promote health and wellbeing, increase access to social support and support the development of local community groups and other support

The partnership work commenced in March 2017 and has already achieved a great many benefits for patients at the Practice, including the establishment and launch of the new Practice website with online appointment booking and prescription ordering facilities, along with social media presence for the practice. Both are being heavily promoted and patients are reporting positive outcomes as a result of the work. Visit for more information.