Laura delivering the programme

Grown in the community

Our latest programme

Aim – to improve nutrition across all age groups.


• The importance of good nutrition to health has been well-documented for a long time, as have the detrimental effects of the wrong food including their constituent parts, effects on the body and obesity.
• There is a perception that skills in producing, and preparing food are less than they used to be. Over 60% of people don’t prepare a meal from ingredients on a regular basis (Burnley health behaviours and lifestyle findings).
• 19.9% of year 6 children said they hardly ever or never chose to eat a healthy meal according to the 2016/17 Pupil Attitude Questionnaire in Lancashire.
• At a district level, there is a significantly lower healthy eating prevalence than England.
• 53% of people would go to the GP to get health information and support to make lifestyle changes. 43% of people would access specialist groups such as weight loss support. Green Dreams has grown out of a GP surgery.
• It is also of increasing concern that people do not have enough to eat, and that food banks are relied upon more and more. Age UK state that over 1 million people over the Age of 65 are malnourished or at risk of malnourishment and the cost of the condition is estimated to be in the region of billions of pounds per year.


Edible Explorers & Growing food

The Green Dreams Project has just implemented the Edible Explorers programme, which is designed and run by Laura Sumner This is to teach year six children in the town (5 schools) how to cook and how to eat healthily. It is fun and also educational, delivered in weekly lessons of 1.5hours to 30 children at a time with a different country’s cuisine as a theme each session.

The programme also emphasises cookery on a budget, reducing food waste in the fridge and in the cupboards, augmenting the important ingredients to make them go further such as pulses with meat, realistic recipes, life skills from birth and beyond, and encouraging families to cook and eat together.

Feedback from the schools is that it is wonderful to have someone with food expertise to teach the children exactly what ingredients to use, to bring the programme in packaged and managed, and that children are able to take home the food they have prepared at the end of the session to cook at home with their families.

The teachers comment that as well as cooking, nutrition and fun, the sessions provide after school activities, new vocabulary, mathematics practice when counting up ingredients and also inspiration.

Schools we are working with

  1. Padiham Green C of E Primary School – 30.10.18 – 4.12.18

Padiham Green is the first school that Laura has gone into. She has presented an 8-week block.

 – Growing food at Padiham Green C of E School

We have a partnership with Pennine Community Farms in Burnley, who we have worked with for years on various projects. They are about to start teaching the children at Padiham Green School how to plant food, which soil to use, how to look after the soil, when to plant, and how to water. Ultimately, this is something they can use to cook with in their next block of ‘Edible Explorers’. The school already has an orchard, producing lots of apples every year, an outdoor hut for activities, outdoor picnic areas, a covered willow walk, and raised beds, all things that have been implemented by their current team to augment the students learning. All of us believe that discovering where food comes from is an essential part of development

 – Further Development at Padiham Green C of E School

Padiham Green School are delighted at the opportunity to bring 8 children to London for the College of Medicine Food conference in October 2019. These children will all be in year 6. They will have the opportunity to present their work on improving food and growing knowledge, as well as demonstrating their cooking skills to an audience of 600-700 at the Royal Society of Medicine.

2. St John the Baptist RC Primary School – starting February 25th 2019

3. Padiham Primary School – starting February 28th 2019

4. St Leonard’s C of E Primary School – block 1, 14.1.19 – 11.2.19

Healthy Selfies

For a bit of fun, and as part of monitoring, we ask that people send in a selfie of themselves cooking the food they have prepared at school, whilst they are at home with their families. We can present these photos as a collage on screen at the conference.


Each child takes recipes home to encourage them to cook with their families. The Chief Explorer, Laura, has also produced a book with recipes in, following a theme of two explorers, a boy and a girl.

Patient education

We have formed a partnership with all eight of our practice sites and the university of Central Lancashire, to improve education on nutrition in the practices for patients of all ages. This is to tie in with our statutory requirements. Further details will follow

Antenatal and infant nutrition

Details to be published shortly, via partnership with East Lancashire Hospital Trust