As an established Community Interest Company, The Green Dreams Project CIC undertakes a range of work in East Lancashire. We do not have any legacy or investment funds and rely on income for our work.

We would like to hear from any potential commissioners and sponsors who may be interested in finding a suitable organisation to deliver a project or work which fits in with our mission and vision – either on a local, regional and national footprint. We would also be interested in hearing from organisation who would like to sponsor our work or those who would like to work with us to meet a specific community need.

During our time of operation, we have been specifically commissioned in a variety of ways which have included:

– An NHS Innovation Grant Award which enabled the organisation to employ the first ever ‘Social Prescribing Link Worker’ in the UK.
– Several years of being commissioned under a ‘Service Level Agreement’ for our ‘Social Prescribing’ work in East Lancashire through the NHS East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group.
– Two years of being commissioned under a complex NHS Standard Contract to deliver a ‘Specialist Nurse Practitioner’ service for the Burnley locality of East Lancashire through the NHS Eat Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group.

These three levels of commissioning demonstrate both our desire and ability to:

– Set up and successfully operate a range of complex and pioneering services which integrate into primary and social care and which ultimately improve the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve.
– Work well and effectively with a range of stakeholders including patients, volunteers, commissioners, GP Practices, Social care, third sector organisations, CQC and others
– Be legally and ethically compliant in a range of areas associated with the operation and management of complex health service provider organisations such as CQC registration, Information Governance, Data Protection, Indemnity, Safeguarding, NHS Protect, including anti fraud, bribery and corruption and security management and critical and safe clinical practice, top name a few.
– Be an effective catalyst to pioneering work and ideas and undertake pilot project work from inception to ‘handback’ or ‘roll out’.
– Develop tailored and robust monitoring and evaluation frameworks to continually monitor our work and demonstrate it’s effectiveness
– Be en excellent employer and ‘host organisation’ to projects

When undertaking work on behalf of a commissioner or sponsor, we will ensure we:

– Work with you in a straightforward and upfront way – cutting through the ‘red tape’ wherever possible
– Ensure we are clear on what you want us to achieve and work with you to establish ways of achieving this
– Monitor and evaluate our work and report this to you at regular agreed intervals and in an agreed way
– Promote the work we undertake on your behalf widely through our extensive networks
– Proactively monitor and report on any unexpected issues, ensuring we design positive solutions
– Ensure all resources used on the project are used effectively and solely to support the aims of the project
– Link your work into our other work to ensure the benefits are as far reaching as possible and feed into the latest thinking and research efforts

We are straightforward, reliable, honest and have a unique understanding of how individuals and communities can be supported to promote the health and wellbeing of everyone and how communities can be empowered to promote and develop their assets for the benefit of all.

Give us a call or email us to start a conversation today about how we can work together to take ‘POSITIVE STEPS TO A BRIGHTER TOMORROW’.